“Tis the Season — for Giving Back and Imaginary Boyfriends”

6 Dec

Hope you are having an amazing holiday. Right now I am interviewing imaginary boyfriends to protect me from annoying family. Last year it was the produce guy from Whole Foods, this year the UPS man is looking good.

So here goes, in the hubbub of the season I managed to shoot a reality pilot called “Walk a Mile” where we ask CEO’s to give back by going to work for charities, kind of in an “Undercover Boss” way. That’s all I can say, except that I tried to inject levity and am hoping to be funnier when the show is picked up and I get to interview the CEO’s and take them “down a notch”, kinda like when we date.

But it doesn’t stop, I’m also performing at the Zanzibar Venice on December 26th to benefit the homeless with a group of cool hippie girls, “Baglady Beckys.” For deets and tix go to my fan page www.facebook.com/funnyblondetv

And in that spirit, please don’t forget to pick up a copy of “Real Housewife of Comedy” as 10 percent of the proceeds go to Life Group L.A. as they help AIDS patients with everyday living.

APLA Aids Walk and the Real Housewife!

16 Sep

Thanks for being a fan!  In honor of the upcoming AIDS walk I am donating 10 per cent of my proceeds of my DVD to AIDS charity Life Group L.A. Jump on board, and grab a copy for the DIVA in your life.


Click right here for a copy.



Meanwhile, here is a quick tease from the show.  Chat about my crazy summer soon.




Real Housewife of Comedy DVD!

25 Jul



As you know I have  a history of contributing to the gay community, mostly by going to the prom with them. That’s when I decided to launch the charity special “Real Housewife of Comedy” in support of Life Group L.A., a coalition of people dedicated to the education, empowerment and emotional support of persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Back from the Edinburgh Inernational Fringe festival, where Iaunched the 1-person show “Trophy Life,” (“I also call it “Titanic” because so many of the locals didn’t get me and evacuated”) I  took on this concert/fundraiser project. The title was inspired by a fan at the Hollywood Hotel (basement gig) who commented “‘you’re just like one of those real Housewives — only kinda’ smart.'”

Next is the DVD release tour which begins August 9 at the Main Room of the Comedy Store, former haunt of Robin Wiliams, Richard Pryor and “various substance abusers.” Showtime is 8:30 p.m.Tickets are $10. The Comedy Store is located at
8433 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

(323) 650-6268
Love it if you could come by but if not, please grab a copy of the DVD at

Things are Heating Up — A Day in the Life

7 Jul

Big announcements — Main Room of the Comedy Store, August 9.  Next week I launch my 1/2 hour comedy special “Real Housewife of Comedy.”  Re-tooling “Die Blonde Kabarett” with back-up dancers, “The Beckys.”

O.K. last week I went to yoga because my friend told me it was more upscale than the donation only place where  “so many homeless go.”  So I showed up at 8 a.m. and …it was me, the hippie teacher and what looked like a homeless man, just us three.  Continuing  my day I attended a funeral, where friends and family I hadn’t seen for awhile asked me if I still did stand-up.  To reinforce that I still did stand-up I went to the Hollywood Hotel and checked out an open mic.  My set wasn’t bad, I even did an inspired bit on my least favorite television show “The Chew.” (a show where people actually slow-clap a cheese fountain)..  Then I caught up with another comic who told me how excited she was to move to New York where she could get $75 to perform in local shows.

Still amazed at the course of my day I stopped at R& D Kitchen in upscale Santa Monica.  I told a group of people, including two girls from the midwest that I was a comic.  The two men who joined us began to tell me street jokes that they felt I could use in my act (“a priest and a rabbi go into a bar”).  I  was telling these two cute, bright-eyed girls about my day all the while thinking about the friends and family I saw at the funeral, and how much they seemed to have accomplished, when one of the girls smiled at me and said “You do comedy — you make people laugh.  That’s everything!”

Maybe it is.

5 Things Not to Say to a Comic After They Leave the Stage

18 Jun

Ok, made the mistake of practicing material at an open mic and the second mistake of being friendly to an audience member there…sooo…I came up with a list of actual quotes, said to me at various points in my career.  Please avoid this type of commentary unless you want to break my spirit…and that’s my mother’s job.


1) “You’re really seeming a lot more polished.  Keep at it.” (Said to me by an open micer, this is something that is better-suited to tell an eighth-grader who just sang a song from “Annie” at a talent show.

2) “Have you thought about taking an accounting course at the local junior college?” ( A remark of an accountant I met at a temp job.”

3)”Did you at least have fun up there?” (Comment of the same accountant, that night is clearly etched in my memory)

4) “I really didn’t listen, but you have great legs.” (This may have been my mistake by making my show also a first date.)

5) “You know you should study some real comedy.  Let me give you this DVD of Shecky…now that’s some comic genius.” (Said to me by a clearly older gentleman on a night that I killed.


And the runner-up comment: “You know I’ve always been told I should do stand-up.  They call me the David Letterman of the teacher’s lounge.” ( Feel free to insert, watercooler , human resources department, etc.) Really?

Remember, although we love being funny and irreverent, comedy is an art form that takes a certain amount of practice and skill.  So keep your Shecky DVD’s  to yourself.


On a brighter note, working on the DVD cover for my 30-minute concert.  More on that next post.




Excess Hollywood interviews Stephanie Thorpe

4 May

Yes I’ve been away…working on the Cabaret Act for San Francisco.  So grateful for those Gay Audiences. Check out my Facebook fan page for an announcement later this week on the cabaret debut.  facebook.com/funnyblondetv

Meanwhile — Beverly Sparks-Ramajones  interviews “After Judgment” star Stephanie Thorpe on Excess Hollywood, but Stephanie just doesn’t really understand the importance of cute celebrity children or Beverly finding just the perfect hair.

New Episode of “Excess Hollywood”

12 Feb

Yes, Beverly enters the world of internet movie making but puts the focus right back on her — with an upcoming gig  to sing at the Optimist Club awards night, how can she really concentrate anything else?

Catch entire season on http://www.minglemediatv.com/ExcessHollywood.html

Excess Hollywood — Episode 4

29 Jan

What could be hotter than the celebrity chili cook-off that Beverly (Marié Lake) hosts in El Segundo, California? Meanwhile, Roger (Jeremy Miller) gets ready to interview Suzanne Somers, but preps with a little alcohol…Catch all of our episodes on minglemediatv.com


TONIGHT Catch me in Granny Squares at IOWest in Hollywood @ 10 pm.  Storytelling about unrequited love and a really bad perm.  Click on the link above for info.

btw UPCOMING SHOWS at IOWest Hollywood, Saturday, February 11 and Main Room Comedy Store Thursday, February 16.

Excess Hollywood — Episode 3

15 Jan

Soon to be a full-length web series where we delve further into the celebrity-obsessed background of Beverly and Roger (just as soon as we find my producer, who is MIA but calls me “baby” and “sugar”) this week’s episode will have to do for now.
Roger (Jeremy Miller) is thrilled to announce a “Growing Pains” reunion, the staff follows the secret life of a celeb-obsessed anorexic which Beverly (Marié Lake) finds very brave and the Biggestwannabe Network is asking for your downloads if you can impersonate any young Hollywood pop stars. “American Idol” meets Palmdale.

Check back here or my fan page www.facebook.com/funnyblondetv
for upcoming shows at Comedy Store, Neon Venus and Granny Squares Storytelling (January 29).

Excess Hollywood — Episode 2

9 Jan

Yes “Excess Hollywood” is back. Soon to be a full-out web sitcom, wanted you to check out these episodes. In episode 2 sometimes confused, but always enthusiastic anchor Beverly Sparks-Ramajones (Marié Lake) makes lively banter with veteran field reporter Chet Steele (“the Bachelorette’s Jonathan Novack). Apparently, celebrity pet adoptions aren’t as easy as you think. Check here for updates on all the latest celebrity news from Palmdale, California. And if there isn’t any… Beverly can always talk about the local optimist club events and her hot husband Fernando Ramajones.