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“Trophy Life”  which debuted in  Scotland ‘s prestigious Edinburgh Fringe as a solo comedy show is now “Trophy Life,” the keynote speech “Trophy Life” includes stand-up, songs, and tales of a “real housewife” who masters the skill of sales.

The show combines comedy, storytelling, and singing of  original songs for an all-in-one keynote that entertains and inspires!
Anyone in sales and business can relate to this keynote.
Below is a video about  the first prong of the show that leads to this quirky venture into the sales world including  storytelling, songs, and even sales tips used in the world of dating!
This is a keynote that will be the highlight of your event that people will talk about for years to come!

With each  sales skill there is a song, such as “Trophy Wife Blues,” “Brand New Life” and a lesson.

The show has everything, including pathos. See for yourself.

“Marie really delivered a solid, polished performance with funny, smart material…and she is a sweetheart.”  Nick Leonard, booker San Francisco’s Qcomedy

“This woman’s act is crazy, but Marié is reliable and terrific.” Tami Ertle, booker Desert Rose casino

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Marié Lake Comedy Bio

SAG – AFTRA    Direct Contact:                                        Host Reel:


Biggestwannabe                     Host/lead Pilot/Studio Fred

QVC -JavaSlim                           Co-Host                        QVC

Ally McBeal The Model                    CBS

Days of Our Lives U/5/Stand-in              NBC

Make Me Laugh                  Guest/Pilot Comedy Central

Hollywood Harve Co-Star                         Rhino Video

Bold and the Beautiful Reporter                      CBS


Forever Fosse        Mama/Chicago Chorus        Hollywood Fight Club

Trophy Wife and Houseguests             One-Woman Show      

Teddy Bear Harlene/Show Girl           Carina Mitchum

Talking With Moira                                    Western  Stage

Taming of the Shrew Katherine                             Western Stage

Spastic Colon One-Woman Show                  Theatre Geo/Hudson

Street Scene      Rose               H.A.T.

Chorus Line Sheila                         Touring

Talking Dirty                           Lead H.A.T.


Improv – Comedy Store–Jon Lovitz, Comedy Caravan, Punchline San Francisco, “Women Who Kick Comedy Butt”, touring, Buffalo Bill’s Primm, Nevada, list avail upon request

Stand-Up Against Domestic Violence

*L.A. Times Best Bet – **L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week


Groundlings (Level V) Mindy Sterling,

Kathy Griffin, Lisa Kudrow, Instructors;

Paul Ryan (“Comedy on The Lot”), KTLA Personality;

Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting; Mark Teschner — On Camera,

JoAnn Baron – Meisner Intro,

Mark Travis–  1-Woman Show,

Second City Conservatory (current, level 4)

SPECIAL SKILL S:  Hosting, Excellent Singer,

Dance: Jazz, Tap, Ballet (7 yrs), Trade Show Model,

Stand-Up Comedy,  Working Knowledge of German;

New York, Texas,  Southern, French,

Polish Dialects;  Fit and Ramp Modeling,

Congressional Aide,. River Rafting

You may have noticed an accent over the name Marié.  Please don’t ignore it, but just say MAR-i-ay.  Kind of like Perrier, kind of French.  Now isn’t that a lot sexier than just plain Marie?  That’s what singer Marié Digby does and she gets people to say it right. So I can too.  Thanks and if you get it wrong I’ll be very gracious.  The first time.

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