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Back from her perfomance at  the prestigious Edinburgh festival, Marie’ Lake is now launching  “Cabaret Reality”  a one-person cabaret.  The show features Funnyblonde Marié Lake’s unique  “Real Housewife” – style stand-up, original songs and pop song parodies from Lady Gaga to  JLo.

Critics love her ability to reference her life through Reality TV, from a country western homage to the reality TV format   to a failed “Bachelor” audition by a crazed dnacing hippie girl, Marié has a marketable, cross-referential show.  Her landlady is as judgmental as Heidi Klum and her act outs of celebrity-obssessed Tabloid Reporters culminate in a show that proves Marié is truly a triple-threat singer, comic and actress.

From Beverly Hills living to dating the soon-to-be-homeless –Marie’s life in LaLa land is not easy.  Share Marié’s adventures going from L.A.’s West Side to  Hollywood’s underbelly of stand-up clubs.

“Marie really delivered a solid, polished performance with funny, smart material…and she is a sweetheart.”  Nick Leonard, booker San Francisco’s Qcomedy

“This woman’s act is crazy, but Marié is reliable and terrific.” Tami Ertle, booker Desert Rose casino

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From the “Real Housewife of Comedy” concert:

“Trophy Wife Blues” song


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