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Real Housewife of Comedy DVD!

25 Jul


As you know I have  a history of contributing to the gay community, mostly by going to the prom with them. That’s when I decided to launch the charity special “Real Housewife of Comedy” in support of Life Group L.A., a coalition of people dedicated to the education, empowerment and emotional support of persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Back from the Edinburgh Inernational Fringe festival, where Iaunched the 1-person show “Trophy Life,” (“I also call it “Titanic” because so many of the locals didn’t get me and evacuated”) I  took on this concert/fundraiser project. The title was inspired by a fan at the Hollywood Hotel (basement gig) who commented “‘you’re just like one of those real Housewives — only kinda’ smart.'”

Next is the DVD release tour which begins August 9 at the Main Room of the Comedy Store, former haunt of Robin Wiliams, Richard Pryor and “various substance abusers.” Showtime is 8:30 p.m.Tickets are $10. The Comedy Store is located at
8433 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

(323) 650-6268
Love it if you could come by but if not, please grab a copy of the DVD at

Things are Heating Up — A Day in the Life

7 Jul

Big announcements — Main Room of the Comedy Store, August 9.  Next week I launch my 1/2 hour comedy special “Real Housewife of Comedy.”  Re-tooling “Die Blonde Kabarett” with back-up dancers, “The Beckys.”

O.K. last week I went to yoga because my friend told me it was more upscale than the donation only place where  “so many homeless go.”  So I showed up at 8 a.m. and …it was me, the hippie teacher and what looked like a homeless man, just us three.  Continuing  my day I attended a funeral, where friends and family I hadn’t seen for awhile asked me if I still did stand-up.  To reinforce that I still did stand-up I went to the Hollywood Hotel and checked out an open mic.  My set wasn’t bad, I even did an inspired bit on my least favorite television show “The Chew.” (a show where people actually slow-clap a cheese fountain)..  Then I caught up with another comic who told me how excited she was to move to New York where she could get $75 to perform in local shows.

Still amazed at the course of my day I stopped at R& D Kitchen in upscale Santa Monica.  I told a group of people, including two girls from the midwest that I was a comic.  The two men who joined us began to tell me street jokes that they felt I could use in my act (“a priest and a rabbi go into a bar”).  I  was telling these two cute, bright-eyed girls about my day all the while thinking about the friends and family I saw at the funeral, and how much they seemed to have accomplished, when one of the girls smiled at me and said “You do comedy — you make people laugh.  That’s everything!”

Maybe it is.