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5 Things Not to Say to a Comic After They Leave the Stage

18 Jun

Ok, made the mistake of practicing material at an open mic and the second mistake of being friendly to an audience member there…sooo…I came up with a list of actual quotes, said to me at various points in my career.  Please avoid this type of commentary unless you want to break my spirit…and that’s my mother’s job.


1) “You’re really seeming a lot more polished.  Keep at it.” (Said to me by an open micer, this is something that is better-suited to tell an eighth-grader who just sang a song from “Annie” at a talent show.

2) “Have you thought about taking an accounting course at the local junior college?” ( A remark of an accountant I met at a temp job.”

3)”Did you at least have fun up there?” (Comment of the same accountant, that night is clearly etched in my memory)

4) “I really didn’t listen, but you have great legs.” (This may have been my mistake by making my show also a first date.)

5) “You know you should study some real comedy.  Let me give you this DVD of Shecky…now that’s some comic genius.” (Said to me by a clearly older gentleman on a night that I killed.


And the runner-up comment: “You know I’ve always been told I should do stand-up.  They call me the David Letterman of the teacher’s lounge.” ( Feel free to insert, watercooler , human resources department, etc.) Really?

Remember, although we love being funny and irreverent, comedy is an art form that takes a certain amount of practice and skill.  So keep your Shecky DVD’s  to yourself.


On a brighter note, working on the DVD cover for my 30-minute concert.  More on that next post.