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Excess Hollywood — Episode 4

29 Jan

What could be hotter than the celebrity chili cook-off that Beverly (Marié Lake) hosts in El Segundo, California? Meanwhile, Roger (Jeremy Miller) gets ready to interview Suzanne Somers, but preps with a little alcohol…Catch all of our episodes on

TONIGHT Catch me in Granny Squares at IOWest in Hollywood @ 10 pm.  Storytelling about unrequited love and a really bad perm.  Click on the link above for info.

btw UPCOMING SHOWS at IOWest Hollywood, Saturday, February 11 and Main Room Comedy Store Thursday, February 16.


Excess Hollywood — Episode 3

15 Jan

Soon to be a full-length web series where we delve further into the celebrity-obsessed background of Beverly and Roger (just as soon as we find my producer, who is MIA but calls me “baby” and “sugar”) this week’s episode will have to do for now.
Roger (Jeremy Miller) is thrilled to announce a “Growing Pains” reunion, the staff follows the secret life of a celeb-obsessed anorexic which Beverly (Marié Lake) finds very brave and the Biggestwannabe Network is asking for your downloads if you can impersonate any young Hollywood pop stars. “American Idol” meets Palmdale.

Check back here or my fan page
for upcoming shows at Comedy Store, Neon Venus and Granny Squares Storytelling (January 29).

Excess Hollywood — Episode 2

9 Jan

Yes “Excess Hollywood” is back. Soon to be a full-out web sitcom, wanted you to check out these episodes. In episode 2 sometimes confused, but always enthusiastic anchor Beverly Sparks-Ramajones (Marié Lake) makes lively banter with veteran field reporter Chet Steele (“the Bachelorette’s Jonathan Novack). Apparently, celebrity pet adoptions aren’t as easy as you think. Check here for updates on all the latest celebrity news from Palmdale, California. And if there isn’t any… Beverly can always talk about the local optimist club events and her hot husband Fernando Ramajones.

12 Days of Single Christmas Wrap-Up, Comedy Store and More

1 Jan

First things first, this Thursday, Jan. 5 @ 8:00 p.m. I will be in the Main Room of the Comedy Store, 8433 Sunset Blvd. Yes this is the room where careers of Richard Pryor and Robin Williams began, and I will be in the green room setting my smoothie on the glass table where the cocaine was originally snorted. Tix just $10.

As far as the 12 days of single Christmas, those of you who followed my fanpage know that it involved a trek to Barstow and a little breakdown at Whole Foods. But the highlight was two nights ago when the film exec I used to temp for, the object of my enormous crush, which for one night of my life last year was mutual, called and texted me at 3 a.m with a confession of love. He then texted me back to say it was just a drunken stupor…ah.

He is the subject of a spoken word piece I wrote about what it’s like to have a fantasy about someone, then have it come true for one night and then get way too excited. So excited that I could barely work at my day job without stepping out to call a friend or weep. I tend to be very enthusiastic, despite the jaded comedy world I live in, and am very motivated by love, even when the relationship is mostly in my head.
What was weird about the holiday call is that he kept professing his love and his desire to take me shopping and spoil me. Now he is part Persian and maybe it is cultural. I did, however take offense when he took it all back by text. I mean it’s one thing to lie about your feelings, but to lie about shopping?! That really hurts.
Two things I learned this holiday season. One, things change and people do come back when you least expect it. And two, I am still motivated by love, because I am ready to take on 2012.

Check out this “Arm Candy” short of another date I had with a Persian guy — it’s beginning to become a pattern.