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Why You Won’t See My Comedy

16 Nov

Tonight I was at the local bar R + D Kitchen (“Rich and Divorced”) and an airline pilot said “you’re a comic?  I’ll come see your show” and I started giggling and then laughing like a maniac.  If there is one thing I don’t want to hear it is either  that…or  worse “I love female comedy…I’ll come out and see you.” 

 No you won’t and here are the top 7 reasons why (and the perpetrators –based on true stories).

Why I am saying I will come out for your comedy show but really won’t.:

Reason #1.  My actress friend: You didn’t calendar it and three emails, 2 texts and a visit to your horrific equity waiver play the week before wasn’t enough of a reminder.

Reason #2.  My network marketing friend who “wants to empower women ” with a skin care business: Your husband doesn’t want to leave the house.

Reason #3. Most guys I meet:You know it won’t be a date.

Reason #4. The guy I met at the Greek Festival (btw, really fun, excellent food and belly dance scarves): You can’t take all the focus and talk about real comics like Shecky Green and Lenny Bruce, you will have to be quiet and watch me be funny.

Reason #5. Just about everyone (including me): You “yes” everyone and then don’t follow through because this is L.A.

Reason #6. My  friend in the valley: You don’t want your roommate to wait for the cable guy alone.

Reason #7. The businessman I met on the flight from San Francisco: You were stuck at a business meeting that ended miraculously right after my show so you are now available for late drinks.

Wow don’t mean to sound so angry.  Just frustrated.  If you want to see more female comics not only in clubs, movies, sitcoms, giving a different point of view try showing up for them.  But don’t worry I am working on a plan to get more people out…it involves bribery with cake.

I would show up for cake.