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Low-Powered Industry Meetings!

22 Feb

Speaking of the webisodes, had a great meeting with a New York Agency that wants to get our show sponsorship. They were extremely excited that I co-host with Jeremy Miller, aka Ben Seaver, and not sure they even got my name right. Ah to be eclipsed by a 90s child star. But I do love meetings. There were other TV actors at the café so I think it made for some great eye candy for my new agents. I also got hit on by some beach volleyball guy who told me I looked too stoic to be a comedian. And I said “by stoic I think you mean pretty.”
If you are in LA, check out my solo comedy show this Sunday the 27th. You will be out in time for the Oscars.
Here’s the scoop.
“Trophy Life” and Other Stories
An afternoon of solo pieces
Fanatic Salon
2815 Sawtelle (corner of Venice & Sawtelle)
Culver City, CA
Sunday February 27 @ 3 p.m.
$5 donation


Things are Taking Off!

13 Feb

Great week.  Wrote the theme song for my new 1-hour show

“Trophy Life,” rocked it at the Lovitz Club last night,

only chick on the bill for the early show, then Judy

Tenata rocked the rest of the night.  In honor of Valentine’s Day my ex-fianceé is back in the picture, showing up at my gigs and manipulating me with phrases like “if I could just touch you once more before I die.”  Really.


Happy Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully I won’t be spending mine with a dying man.