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Merlot and Me

9 Nov

Doesn’t that title sound like a good name for a dog movie?Very random week and post. It started with a guy I met at a Halloween Party texting me to ask me out.  But it wasn’t that easy.  He wanted me to hit him up on my Facebook and send him a link to my comedy but I just wanted a date where I didn’t have to have some guy evaluate my comedy.  He was a banker, I was concerned.  So I ignored him, then he sent me a text that just said mmmm…pancakes and I immediately got on the phone and called him back.  So we had breakfast and although all we did was hug at the end of the date (it was broad daylight), I think my quick response makes me officially a pancake slut.

Wednesday was supposedly my Biggestwannabe Premiere but the website gave out the wrong address. Sooo… my editor’s roommate and I found a seedy bar in Hollywood, imagine that, and had Merlot, which is like a truth serum.  I could not shut up about me, me, me and he looked a little tired when I started to discuss my gay college boyfriend, so we wrapped it up.

Finally, and a week cannot go by without a mention of Millionaire Match.  A guy emailed me from that site and he was nice and cute and is a real estate developer interested in the entertainment industry.  So after I confirmed that he did not live on his boat and he confirmed that I did not live in my car, we had a brief conversation and he said he would be in my area in about an hour can we get together.  And I said I needed to make it another night (heat wave, hair, broken A/C in my car, you get it).  So he never called again.  I guess it would involve too much planning to see me with more than an hour’s notice.  Soooo…for now I am officially making my profile private on Millionaire Match.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to my Comedy Time Set from the Pasadena Ice House.