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Shecky who?

23 Oct

Millionaire Match finally delivered me a great guy to

date.  Yes, he is fun, a pilot, positive and showed

up to my comedy. This is more than I can say for the rest

of my friends.  Now he did veer into the territory that all male

friends of mine enter when they come to see my comedy,

namely starting to go on and on about some old school male

comic as if that is pertinent when it is my night to shine, really?

O.K. to some Lenny Bruce is a legend, but do I have to har about him after I have rocked the room?  Really?  But I was a good

girl and didn’t complain.  Can’t say the same about my earlier adventures this week when I lost patience with a tow truck driver

for not understanding directions of where to tow my car.  Not a good idea to piss off your ride on a Sunday night.  Then I lost patience with two Time Warner Cable installation guys to the point of being told that I was violent.  To them a woman speaking in a loud voice is considered violent.  But that is another story.

The good news is I had a good date, a good set at the Mbar and very little discussion of Lenny Bruce or Robin Williams

or some guy named Shecky that men always like to bring up.

In honor of my comedy set I am posting one of my favorites,  a set from El Cid Supper Club where I talk about my millionaire match misadventures.


Spinal Bumps

17 Oct

Hi welcome to Funny Blonde. Yes, blondes can be funny — can you process that? (play on words, my hair is currently overprocessed). I’m Marié Lake, comedic actress, burlesque singer, and filmmaker. Follow this blog as I face the indignities of being a woman in the world of comedy, showbiz in general, and life in Brentwood when you are not a soccer mom and not rich. I was married to an attorney, those were 4 very long months. Now I am trying to stop dating actor/musicians who are one step away from living in their vans.
It’s job hunting time. So far telemarketing, loan modifications and selling leftover painkillers to my ex-husband just haven’t been really solid.
Having exhausted my talents as a spokesmodel, I searched for another life’s purpose.I decided it was time to become a healer. Like all the actress/healers in the L.A. area. After an intense training session — breakfast with a chiropractor from Venice Beach, I learned to screen people for spinal conditions in front of a chi-chi health food store. You’ll see…

Bump or Belt?