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Arm Candy 2: The Circuit Guy

2 May

Hi welcome to Funny Blonde. Yes, blondes can be funny — can you process that? (play on words, my hair is currently overprocessed). I’m Marié Lake, comedic actress, burlesque singer, and filmmaker. Follow this blog as I face the indignities of being a woman in the world of comedy, showbiz in general, and life in Brentwood when you are not a soccer mom and not rich. I was married to an attorney, those were 4 very long months. Now I am trying to stop dating actor/musicians who are one step away from living in their vans.

As I was facing Saturday night with my cat and dark chocolate M&M’s I went back to, within minutes of logging in I was invited to “chat” with a guy from Chicago who offered to take me to any travel destination I requested.
So as not to give in to the loneliness (after all I had chocolate) I found my second “Arm Candy” short, which is really the culmination of every annoying, control freak businessman who has ever taken me out. It gave me strength and I wanted to share it with you!