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Fan Updates

7 Mar

Yes this week I am flattering myself that I have fans! It is better I think than blogging about the incident last Friday where I went drinking with my day job friends and made, as my mother would say (0r slur, she’s Irish) “some bad decisions.”

So I want to update you that I have COMEDY STORE COMPS AND 2FERS for upcoming shows. So please check out my schedule at and then email me at

In a related story, we are shooting an entire season of (see earlier blog, Me and My Avatar, about the team that I fired). Now we have a new production team, more money and it should be really fun. So if you love celebrity obsession and celebrity impersonators, stay tuned.

Finally, I am going to release another “Arm Candy” video right here, where we chronicle the highlights of my first dates with “successful” men. It’s enough to send me back to dating guys who move into their cars.