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Me and My Avatar

1 Dec

O.K. so I won’t sound jaded about men (although I have a really great dating story) I will talk about my “Biggestwannabe” webisodes. As you may recall (just scroll down) I have a number of dealings with professed “producers” who want to produce my webisodes over a bottle of wine at my apartment and then propose marriage.

However, this time I felt it was legit — a company I was paying to co-produce my tabloid spoof “Excess Hollywood.” Because they wouldn’t take my money without being legit right? Well after shooting the episodes and even editing them, this company sort of got lazy. For months I couldn’t get ahold of them, then one of their slacker tech guys calls me to tell me he is going to pitch the project to Microsoft. Well I was pretty excited about that and came in for a “meeting.” I love taking “meetings.” Snacks and latte’s are usually involved. Funny when I got there, this half-asleep Eric dude shows me nothing. “It’s for X-box.”
“How does my comedy work for X-box?”
“Well it doesn’t.”
“So you are not using my episodes that we edited but we are pitching something to X-box?”
“It’s a chance to get in bed with Microsoft.”
“So what is it, what about ‘Biggestwannabe’?”
“The pitch is hard to explain, you wouldn’t get it unless you understand X-box.”

By now I am reeling. “Can I at least be an avatar?” I beg.

Eventually we part ways and from what I hear the company has laid everyone off. I’m not taking responsibility but if you believe in Karma, that’s what happens when you screw up someone’s dream and laugh in their face. And don’t even offer them an avatar. I could be a really cute avatar.