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Booty text and L.A. producer types

24 Apr

It all started with joining a filmmakers’ community on Yahoo, where all big dreams begin.I submitted to a “producer” looking to fund films. He called and asked for a script and decided my adventures would be better off as webisodes. We’ll just call him “Dick.” So Dick called me and said my script really made him laugh. So we met, being high-level people, at a Coffee Bean in Tarzana. He was intelligent, tall, dark, kinda handsome and best of all he got my humor and didn’t want to make a lot of stupid changes to my script, give the lead to Seth Rogan or add a chimp.

Then a day later I got a text. “Marry me?” Very funny, I thought, he must really like my writing. So I ignored it. We had another brief meeting and I didn’t bring it up. Other than looking into my eyes and asking “What do you really want?” And I said, “green tea, I think.
Then the technology stalking began.

Dick “You didn’t answer my question…marry me?”
Dick “Why don’t we get together and work on the script over a bottle of wine?”
Me “Where would you like to meet?”
Dick “Your place.”
Me “That sounds like booty text.”
Dick “I don’t know what you’ve done to me. I think we can become a great Hollywood couple.”
Me “I’d be more in the mood to get to know a person once my project is shot and produced.”
Dick “Project is moving along. Now, you me and a bottle of wine.”
Me “Where is our written agreement?”

Is this booty text? Finally I e-mailed him asking if I could meet him publicly to sign a written agreement …but that’s another story for another booty text blog…


Funny Blonde

21 Apr

Hi welcome to Funny Blonde. Yes, blondes can be funny — can you process that? (play on words, my hair is currently overprocessed). I’m Marié Lake, comedic actress, burlesque singer, and filmmaker. Follow this blog as I face the indignities of being a woman in the world of comedy, showbiz in general, and life in Brentwood when you are not a soccer mom and not rich. I was married to an attorney, those were 4 very long months. Now I am trying to stop dating actor/musicians who are one step away from living in their vans.

I’m also a seeker, one of the many actress/seekers in West L.A. who flock from Learning Annex seminar to yoga to Whole Foods.

Check me out as co-star of the upcoming web series “From Bollywood to Hollywood” with Patra Gupta. But more on that later.